Tuesday, May 7, 2013

If You're Not At The Table...

There's a saying in Sacramento...

What's that mean for us?

Especially the K12 Adult Schools?

It means we need to be part of decision making in Sacramento.

Especially now - the week before the "May Revise" -

(that's Gov. Brown's revise of his budget proposal...

you remember...

the one where he wanted to put all Adult Ed
inside the Community College system...

Yeah... that one!  Important!)

So how do we do we become part of the decision process?

Click the "read more" to learn how...


       Sign the Rebuild Adult Education: Keep K12 & Designated Funding Petition

       Make a paper copy of the Rebuild Petition and tweak it to suit your needs

       Make your own petition - paper and pen - or via signon.org

Letters and emails

       Write your local legislators

        Write the Caucus that has the mostest where your programs are concerned 

        Put together a "Nascar Letter" - a letter of support for AE from local businesses and organizations

        Then share that "Nascar Letter" on your website and/or your FB newsfeed and mail to Legislature

        Write the Governor

Make trips to Sacramento - bring students - visit legislators

Invite your local legislators to visit your schools -  they'll take what they learn to Sacramento

Join CCAE - they are doing tremendous work.  Every member means more impact.

If your school is represented by a Union, ask your Union to represent you in Sacramento and utilize Union resources to call on Legislators and the Governor.    www.cft.org   www.utla.net

Consider who and what your programs benefit - and then contact them - and ask what they are doing in Sacramento to stand up and speak up for Adult Education.
pta.org,   aarp.orgnaacp.orglatinas.org, sba.gov,  doloreshuerta.org, aiwa.org

Alert the press.  The job of the press is to help many people know about and understand things.

Including people in Sacramento.

Make an effort to understand how State government works. 

It's in your best interest to understand.

This might help:

Quick review:

People have needs. 

It is their job - as individuals and as a group - to know their needs and express them.

It is the job of government to meet the needs in the wisest way they can.

People pay money to the government (taxes) to pay for how the needs are met.

The governor's job is to lead and create a budget.

The legislature's job is to create laws.  These laws are policy.  Legislature makes policy.

The people decide who is the governor and the legislature by voting for them.

Everyone has a job.

No one can do anything by themselves.

This frustrates everybody but is a reminder that we do not live by ourselves like spiders.

We are a group species.

We have to figure things out as a group and sometimes that's hard and we argue about it.

Monkeys, another group species, sometimes throw poop at each other when they are angry. 

People do something like that, too.

Try not to throw any poop.

Figure out your needs.

Tell the legislature about them.  Especially the legislators from your area. 

It is their job to listen to you and speak for you in Sacramento.

Tell the governor, too.

Try to work together with other people.

Yes, it's very hard.

That's why it's never perfect.

But it's still the best way we know about.

So please give it your best effort.

And again, try not to throw any poop.

Especially at the dinner table.

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