Friday, May 31, 2013

Winding Up The Mountain

We're getting closer. 

We're winding up that mountain toward the mountaintop, getting closer, one step at a time.

Deciding, as a people, how we will care for ourselves, as a people.

That being something that involves money, as well as time, these decisions are part of the budget process.

Here's a quick review of that:

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“The governor’s proposals have been introduced to both houses as trailer bills to a budget omnibus bill.  They will go to the subcommittees which make recommendations, changes, etc and send it to the full house.  Each house will vote on their version of the entire budget bill.  It passes with a simple majority vote.  A committee of senators and assemblypersons will reconcile the differences between the bills and send that to the governor for his yea or nay.  The governor does have line item veto power so he can line out items he doesn’t agree with.”  - Tim Doyle, San Mateo Adult School Assistant Director

The next 30 days leading to the adoption of the state budget by June 15th will be a fast paced process with many different rumors and proposals arising before the final adoption takes place.  Every education stakeholder will advocate for their point of view and attempt to sway the Legislature.  It is more likely that the governor will push to pursue something within the budget process because that is where his leverage lies.  However, the Legislature will continue to pursue the policy process in an effort to give stakeholders a public forum to voice concerns or support.  - ACSA

We are all of us the stakeholders.

Public, Legislature, Governor - we all live here; we all pay taxes; we all care about both the present and the future - our future and the future of our families.

So speak up!

We still have both the opportunity and the responsibility to tell the Governor and the Legislature what we need and want.

Designated Funding!  Now!

CDE as the banker!

Full renewal of Adult Ed!  All programs!  ESL, Citizenship, GED, High School Diploma, Job Training

and Older Adults and Parent Ed and Adults with Disabilities!

Contact the Governor here.

Contact the Legislature here.

A quick review of info and resources to help you:

Alliance for California Adult Schools on Facebook

Alliance for California Adult Schools blog

Save Our Adult School Blog

The LAO (Non-Partisan Legislative Analyst Office) Review of the May Revise

George's Plan for Older Adults

Assembly Budget Committee

Senate Budget Committee

Meanwhile, I'll be winding up that mountain, too, but more literally, as I renew my spirit through time with family and nature.

And as always, while I'm there, I'll visit the wellsprings of the Sacramento River, which winds down away from the mountain, past the Capitol, to the sea.

I'll stand, as I always do, on the little bridge, and I'll drop my wishstones in the water, thinking about where we've come from and where we're going, as a people.

I wish us well.

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