Friday, November 15, 2013

CCAE: "Yes....dedicated funding is on the horizon."

Big news from CCAE:

".... the positive news to report is that there is a commitment to provide dedicated funding for adult education going forward.  Yes....dedicated funding is on the horizon."


"... how can the field help with the commitment to provide dedicated funding already being obtained? 

First and foremost, we must continue to highlight the need for dedicated funding - ensuring Finance is unable to back away from its commitment. 

Second, K-12 based adult schools need to actively and forcefully participate in the regional consortia development and planning process at the local level.  Participation is critical to the future of K-12 based education across the state. 

Additionally, your local elected officials need to continue to hear from you about your current situation, what you are doing to participate in the regional effort, and what your needs are going forward.  It isn't enough to merely participate in the regional consortia effort. 

Grassroots advocacy must remain a top priority to help support and guide our efforts in the coming year to develop the framework for the future of adult education, including funding. 

We have the important commitment of dedicated funding; it's the details that are going to be the challenge to work out.  We continue to need your support at the local level with your legislators to keep them interested, apprised and prepared to fight for their adult schools and constituents."

Get the full scoop plus talking points for legislators here.

Reminder:  Grassroots advocacy - that's you and me and the person sitting next to you and the one on the other side, too.

Thanks, CCAE, for this good work and good result which truly fulfills your mission:

The mission of the California Council for Adult Education is to take a leadership role in promoting adult education, providing professional development, and effecting change to best serve the needs and interests of adult education, the CCAE membership, and the people of California..

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