Monday, November 25, 2013

Stronger Together: Each One, Teach One

Today San Mateo Adult School students met with Berkeley Adult School students.

You can read about it on the SMAS Student blog here.  (Clear English and lots of links.)

It was a powerful meeting.  Students realized that every school has different strengths, different challenges - and we're all much stronger working together, sharing ideas, strategies, experience.

Have students at your school met with students from other schools?

It's not hard to do.  Call a neighboring Adult School or Adult Ed program and suggest it.  Find out if they have a Student Council or regular meeting.  Decide on a time and place to meet.

If meeting in person doesn't work, use Skype.  But in person, if you can swing it, is better.

Suggest  a simple agenda:

* What's the current situation for Adult Ed - your school?

* What has worked for us - your school - for advocacy?

* What didn't work - obstacles?

*  What do you - we want to try in the future?

* How can students have a voice in the creation of the new Regional Consortia system?

* How can we help each other - work together - to save and rebuild Adult Ed in California?

At the meeting, share ideas, experience, strategies, hopes, concerns, plans.  Brainstorm.  Take notes.

Exchange emails or phone numbers if desired.

Share the notes with everyone after the meeting. 

Back at your own school, meet and decide where and how to go forward with this new energy, information, and partnership.

Then reach out to another school, student to student, community to community.

Each one, teach one.

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