Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Regional Consortia From Here to Eternity Timeline

I'll do my best to add to this timeline as we go along...

creating a system we'll live with for decades to come...

K12 Adult Schools and Community Colleges...

forever locked in embrace.

AB 86  the group in charge of the rev up to the new Regional Consortia system for Adult Ed in CA

  Informational Webinars – more or less every Friday 11 – 12 pm.  Audio available afterwards.

  Town Hall Meetings were held Halloween week.  Audio available soon.

  December 2013 - RFA Release  - that means the application is available

  January 2014 - Bidder’s Conference – I guess this means the applicants have a conference

  End of February 2014   RFA Due – application due
Now till 2015-16  The MOE Clause.   The Maintenance of Effort clause says that if a school district had an adult school in 2011-12, they have to fund it - at the same level - until 2015-16 when the new Regional Consortia system kicks in.     MOE (SB 91-MOE for AE). Ed Code 2575 (k)(2).
March 1, 2014 for reporting to the legislature and Governor on the interim status of the development of local Adult Education consortia; 
• Fall 2014 for assuring that the Department of Finance and Legislature can anticipate what the outcomes of the regional consortia process will provide so as to plan for funding in the FY 15-16 budget process; and
• March 1, 2015 for reporting to the legislature and Governor on the plans developed statewide and recommendations for additional improvements in the delivery systems

Got questions or a comment for AB86?

Send them an email

They might answer you.  They often answer  - but not always.

And your question – in some version – might show up in the FAQs.

Their website:


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