Saturday, June 14, 2014

Adult Education Activity on Social Media

to be held Saturday, June 21 at Berkeley Adult School, I made a list of Adult Schools and Adult Education Organizations active on Social Media - Facebook, blogs, Twitter, etc.

Social Media has become an important tool  for Adult Education for many reasons:

* Keeping communities and students informed of what's going on academically, socially, politically
* Introducing schools, communities, organizations, and grassroots groups & advocates to each other
* Sharing inspiration, information, petitions, ideas, news, facts, connections, images, inforraphics
* Mobilizing on causes - saving Family Literacy in Oakland and Los Angeles, rallying for Riverside
* Connecting the dots and seeing the larger picture by looking at shifts and context across the state
If you know of more schools or groups to add to this list, please leave a comment so I can add them.
 Hit the "read more" link to see the list.

List of Adult Schools and Adult Ed Organizations on Social Media

*   Adult Education Matters

AdultEducation Matters on Facebook

aemtrue on Twitter

*    Alliance for California Adult  Schools
Alliance forCalifornia Adult Schools on FB






*  COSAS -  Communities Organized to Support Adult Schools

COSAS on Facebook

*  United Adult Students

United Adult Students on Facebook

AdultStudentsLA on twitter


Many schools are on Facebook including

Berkeley Adult School

* Campbell Adult and Community Education

* Castro Valley Adult and Career Ed

*   Downey Adult School 


Sweetwater Adult School en espanol


* Glenn Adult Program

* Gustine Adult School


* La Escuelita Family Literacy - Part of Oakland Adult School

* Lynwood Adult School



* Santa Cruz Adult School

* Sequoia Adult School

* South Bay Adult School

* South Bay Adult School Parent Education

*  Torrance Adult School


* Turlock Adult School

And some Adult Schools are on Twitter
including Torrance Adult School -  torrance_adult

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