Wednesday, June 18, 2014

LA Family Literacy Program Saved!

August 2014 update... LA Fam is still struggling to survive... getting the latest here.

Awesome news!

       Grassroots matters!

A mighty combo platter of Student, Family, and Community voice, along with a great website, twitter feed, press in both English and Spanish, blog coverage, emails, phone calls, coordinated action at rallies and School Board meetings, elected official support (thank you Council Members  Zimmer and Kayser!), connecting the dots (A4CAS making the connection the Edsource article about districts having some leeway with funds and LAUSD claiming they don't have the money), and RED for ADULT ED action brought us the good news that Los Angeles Unified School Districts Family Literacy Program - an Adult Education program - will reopen in August.


Like La Escuelita in Oakland, the LA Family Literacy Program
is another little engine that could.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Yes, we can!

We in Adult Education are growing in grassroots skills.
Many things were done right with this campaign. 
We can learn from how this campaign succeeded.
We can apply what we've learned to save other programs and rebuild Adult Ed across the state.
Our tool kit is growing.
Are there challenges yet to meet?

But it seems we are up to meeting them!

Check out this video of testimony at the board meeting where the program was saved.

Many good points shared!


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