Monday, June 11, 2012

CTA Speaks

A letter from the Dean E. Vogel, President of the CTA - California Teachers Association -
to Dr. John Deasy, Superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District reads as follows:

June 7,

2012 Dr. John Deasy, Superintendent
Los Angeles Unified School District
333 S. Beaudry Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Dear Dr. Deasy:

As a matter of policy, principle, dignity and basic human decency the California Teachers Association unreservedly supports the continuation of the LAUSD adult Education program. We endorse and believe in the mission of LAUSD’s Adult and Career Education Division to ‘increase the educational attainment and socioeconomic status of its students by preparing them for post-secondary studies, careers and civic participation.’ The current economic crisis has certainly had a negative impact on funding for public education. However, it is precisely because of the extraordinary impact of that crisis on the population served by the Division that you must not shirk your responsibility to English learners, the socioeconomically disadvantaged and new immigrants seeking citizenship. The Adult Education program and the dedicated teachers who make it function, must be maintained.

Over the last several years, school districts have sought and exercised ‘flexibility’ in their expenditure of categorical funding for programs such as adult education. Some districts have used this ‘flexibility’ to eliminate programs that are essential to a particularly vulnerable population living within its boundaries. LAUSD must not join those ranks.

As you know, Adult Education in Los Angeles and other elsewhere is provided by K-12 districts while in other districts Adult Education is provided by Community Colleges. Consequently, the availability of services to learn English, increase job skills and become citizens will depend on where you live in California. If you live in San Francisco or San Diego you may be in relatively better shape, but if you live in LA you are severely compromised. State-wide, such cuts to K-12 adult education could affect 500,000 document Californians (many living in Los Angeles) seeking to learn English and to become Citizens. LAUSD must not turn its back on this population.

I urge you in the strongest possible terms to not eliminate the LAUSD Adult and Career Education Division.


Dean E. Vogel
President __________________________________________________________________________________ My apologies that I, Teacher Cynthia Eagleton, was not able to insert the pdf of this letter into Blogger. I typed the letter into Blogger and any mistakes are mine.

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