Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summary, Thanks, and Press Coverage

Mathew Kogan speaking at the Conference

Great work, everyone!   The Rally and Press Conference was a true success!

We spoke about what matters to us.   The press heard and delivered that message:

Adult Education matters!
No on WSF!
Flex is hex!

Our work is not done but our work is good and bringing results.  (More on that in a different post - soon.)

Speakers - Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Bob Harper of Campbell Adult School, Chris Nelson of CCAE, Mathew Kogan of Los Angeles Adult School, Ana Turetsky of Oakland Adult School, and many students (both former and current) powerfully laid out how we got into the mess we're in now, what Adult Education offers to a wide a range of people, why it's so important to find out a way out, and by way of their strength and the impact of their stories, evidence that we will.

It is a big ship that we ride in California - the eighth largest economy in the world - but if we all lean in the same direction, we can change the course.  We can emerge from this time of crisis with a deeper understanding of what is important to us and a renewed commitment to living our priorities, heading into a future we want, versus a future we fear.

Big thanks to everyone who showed up yesterday for the Rally and Press Conference - speakers, students, staff, and press.

We videotaped the conference and we will have footage available sometime in the near future. 

Here is some of the press coverage we received:

From the San Mateo Daily Journal.

From Telemundo.

From Univision.

From Radio Pacifica.

From KTVU.

From KCBS radio.

From SF World Journal.

From Hecho en California with Marcos Gutierrez (interview with Bruce Neuberger.)

If you are aware of other press from yesterday, please let me know (leave a comment or email me at

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