Friday, June 15, 2012

Updates and A Pitch for CCAE

First, a reminder to visit CCAE and click on "Join the Fight" for updates on what is happening in the work to see Adult Education through this crisis and into renewed strength.

Second, for the latest news from CCAE, go here for their June newsletter.

Third, by now you may be wondering, what is CCAE? 

CCAE is the California Council for Adult Education and it is the only organization that includes administrators, teachers, support staff, students, former staff and students, and pretty much anyone who cares about Adult Education.  The cost to join depends on the category.   If you join as someone who works in Adult Education, the cost depends on how many hours you work.  "Friends of Adult Ed" includes anyone who cares about Adult Education and the cost is just twenty bucks.

Twenty bucks can do a lot to help save Adult Education, so if you consider yourself a friend, please join.

An added bonus:  there are healthcare benefits available to members.

Further updates:

For more information about what is happening with the struggle to save Adult Education in Los Angeles, go here and here.

There is lots going on in the work to see Adult Education survive and then thrive.  More updates coming soon.

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