Friday, June 1, 2012

Join The Fight

We are doing it.

We are getting the message out that adult education matters.

San Mateo Adult School has sent out over 1,500 letters to Gov. Brown and the State Legislature.  People all over the state are emailing and sending letters to tell Gov. Brown and their legislators that adult education provides invaluable services and must not be lost.

This is good work!

But our job is not done.

We must keep the pressure on.

And we can.

CCAE - The California Council for Adult Education - has started a listserve that can help us do so.

What's a listserve?  It's a way to send emails to a large number of people.

If you go to their website at and click on "Join the Fight," you can sign up to receive emails that will update you on what is happening in the fight to keep adult education serving the people of California. 

You will also get information about specific emails you can send as the Legislature considers ideas, compromises, and strategies as they settle on a budget.

We're doing this.

And we'll keep doing it.

We'll work till we've made it clear:

Adult education matters.

And it's worth the work it takes to save it.

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