Friday, March 22, 2013

Celebrate - Thank - Prepare

This week, just a week after Adult Education Week, we had a real victory.

The Assembly Budget Committee unanimously rejected Gov. Brown's plan.

They affirmed the value of Adult Education.

They acknowledged that Adult Education has been devastated, is fragile, and deserves rebuilding.

They warned districts:   Do not continue to dismantle and close your programs!

That is a reason for celebration.

There were five members of that committee who voted No on that plan and who spoke up on our behalf.  Who said, Yes, Adult Education Matters!   We need time to find a way to rebuild it.  But in the meantime, please, do not destroy it.

They deserve our thanks.

Please take a quick minute to thank the following Committee members who voted No on Gov. Brown's plan to shift Adult Ed into the Community College

Asm Susan Bonilla, Chair (14):

Asm Rocky Chavez (76):

Asm Al Muratsuchi (66):

Asm Brian Nestande (42):

Asm Phil Ting (19):

Finally, there is work yet to be done.

Gov. Brown's plan will also be reviewed by the Senate Budget Committee.

More people need to take a moment and realize the value of Adult Education.

That value needs to be defined, documented and communicated to the Legislature and Gov. Brown.

More people need to sign the petitions.



And finally, those with experience and/or ideas need to think about how Adult Ed can be rebuilt.

It can all be done.

And taking care of ourselves, celebrating our victories, acknowledging the value of our programs, staff and students, thanking those who stand up for us, and preparing for the next step will be how we do it, one bunny hop at a time.

Happy Spring.

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