Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rise From The Ashes

On this first day of Spring, as we take in the good news from yesterday, what a great essay to share.

This was the winning essay from the ESL Day Program "How Has San Mateo Adult Helped You?" Essay Contest. 

It is shared anonymously and with permission by the author.

Rise from the Ashes

When I came to the San Mateo Adult School, it was a difficult time in my life.  I often felt lonely and uncomfortable and missed my family a lot.  Moreover, for the first time in my life, I was unable to support my children, help them adapt to the new situation.  I wasn’t able to set a good example for them as a mother because I really felt I was an incompetent person incapable of conversing with others, out of work and my professional environment.  I came to the San Mateo Ault School only to learn English; however I acquired something more than ordinary language acquisition.  I unexpectedly got encouragement from many people: students, teachers and school employees.  All of them literally helped me restore to the social life.

In the Adult school I met diverse students from different countries.  Their life stories have been similar to mine.  It helped me to realize that I am not an exception with my depression and despair.  Nevertheless, their examples showed me that it is possible to get over the language’s difficulties and adjust pretty quickly to the new situation.  My teachers not only have taught us English, but also supported us.  They have been always very friendly and empathic.  I found a lot of interesting and professional people in my school, so I don’t feel lonely any more.

Due to well-qualified teaching, my English is improving day by day. Our teachers also have explained to us the features of the life in the USA.  Now I feel more confident and can think about my professional future in this country.  Moreover, I am going to volunteer in my son’s school next month, but I couldn’t imagine it a half year ago.  I learned to write a resume and a cover letter; consequently, I can look for a job in a Community Agency.  I am ready to work with people and want to aid them.

However, my critical metamorphosis has been the return of capacity as a mother.  Now I am able to help my children with their school work because I know English grammar better than my sons.  I can communicate with other parents in my children`s schools, and now my sons often receive invitations to play dates and birthday parties.  So they have been improving their friendships.  On account of my studying in the Adult School, I understand the local education system better than before, so I can ask teachers the more important and deep questions about school life and learning problems during teacher-parent conferences.  And I can choose interesting and useful after-school activities for my children.  My teachers in the Adult school clarified for me how to use the library, and now we take there DVD disks and books every week.  In addition, I am able to tell my sons something new and crucial about culture and life style in the USA that I have learned in my school.

Our confidence and self-esteem play a critical role in the kids’ development and education because children always follow parents’ example.  Two years ago I thought I was nobody and my life is ruined.  My crisis and depression adversely affected the mood and behavior of my children.  Due to my studying in San Mateo Adult School, I “rose from the ashes”- today I am able to respect myself again.  And I have set a good example for my sons on how to get a grip and attain success in a difficult situation.  I think my children can be proud of their mother now, so I am grateful to my Adult school for giving us this opportunity.

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  1. Wonderful essay! It's time we call AE what it is: A "Whole Person" Education. Using the Whole Child Approach as a model...

    Each adult, in each adult education program, in each of our communities deserves to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. That's what a whole person approach to learning, teaching, and community engagement is all about.

    Rising from the ashes to thrive and become better than ever! Watch out world, California is coming back.