Saturday, March 9, 2013

Count on Adult Ed - Count on You - Count on Us

For over 150 years, you could count on Adult Ed to be there when you needed it.

Now Adult Ed needs you.

Will you help?

Sign the petitions: 

Rebuild Adult Education.

Stop Gov. Brown's Plan to Shift Adult Education to the Community College System.

"Like" the Alliance For California Adult Schools Facebook page.

Watch the A4CAS video:

Catch the clip from Spanish language Univision Channel 14 when they visited our School 3/15/13.
Get the facts:

In 2009, the Legislature gave K-12 school districts in California the go-ahead to spend adult education money however they wanted and also cut funding by 20 percent. What happened next?

Funding statewide: In 2007-08, $750 million; in 2012-13, $300 million (estimate)
Oakland: In 2007-08, 25,000 enrolled; in 2012-13, 1,300 enrolled
MetroEd (San Jose): 2007-08, 10,000 enrolled; in 2012-13, 2,300 enrolled

Source: Legislative Analyst's Office, Oakland, MetroEd

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  1. I strongly believe that adult schools, particularly those that serve poor communities need to be accessible. With many of these families facing tough times, having convenient access to adult schools is crucial. Legislation that creates obstacles rather than eliminate them, only hurts adult education programs. More importantly, it hurts those that need them the most.