Monday, October 22, 2012

CCAE Wants To Know


CCAE Bay Section Members attend the "Yes" on Prop 30 rally organized by Assemblymember Susan Bonilla on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 in Todos Santos Plaza in downtown Concord, California.

CCAE - The California Council of Adult Education - knows that the future of Adult Education depends on Prop 30 passing.  They have put the call for Adult Schools across the state to get the word out
and they want to know Adult Schools are doing - so they can let the Governor and his staff what the Adult Education community is doing to make sure Prop 30 passes. 

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From the CCAE Communicator October 2012:

The Future of California Adult Schools and Proposition 30

The current status of Adult Education in California is precarious at best.  Chris Nelson, CCAE State President, and I have been working closely with our counterparts in California Adult Education Administrators Association and Dawn Koepke, our policy advisor and advocate.  We have weekly conversations to identify crucial issues and a multitude of strategies and efforts have been conducted over the past many months. While inroads have clearly been made with the legislative bodies, it has become abundantly clear that we have huge walls to climb in the Governor’s office.  We are continuing our dialogues and work, but need everyone to understand how critical it is that we be able to deliver a message to the Governor’s office that California adult education supporters worked diligently to ensure that Proposition 30 passes. 

We all understand the direct connection between fiscal challenges faced by K-12 and High School Districts that are also the “homes” for an adult education programs or schools.  We have many challenges ahead of us, but if Proposition 30 does not pass – these efforts may become moot as school districts are forced to make more reductions.  All educators know the potential “hits” will be devastating.

That is why it is critical that we all do everything we can to help the public understand the importance of voting yes for Proposition 30.  Equally as important is that we are able to let the Governor and his staff know that California Adult Education supporters were influential in the success of Proposition 30.

There are many local campaign efforts for Proposition 30.  Please seek those out and participate.  Organize your own local events, specifically hosted by your CCAE Chapters and Sections.  THEN, document, record, photograph, video – show how adult education supporters specifically worked to support Proposition 30 and send that documentation to Chris Nelson and me.  We will compile it all and make sure that the message is delivered to the Governor.

Joanne Durkee, CCAE State Leg Chair

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