Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What We Agree On

Articles of interest:

"Will The Munger Kids Kill California Schools?"  The American Prospect, Oct 11, 2012.
More on how Molly and Charles, Jr. while engaged in what appears to be sibling rivalry, work in common purpose to ensure the defeat of Prop 30.

Prop 30's Donors Include Big Companies,"  The San Francisco Chronicle, Oct 15, 2012.
A new interesting twist:  Big Business seems to be coming around to the idea that public education is good and important.  One can analyze that many ways but in all ways this development is important.

"Prop 38 Proponent To Stop Airing TV Ad Critical of Prop 30,"  The Los Angeles Times, Oct 16, 2012.  Looks like Munger's own supporters pressured her into removing the attack ad on Prop 30. 

My own take-away on all this:

Millions and millions of Californians - young, old, rich, poor, big business, small business, coastal, inland, north, south - are recognizing that education matters.

How we pay for what we pay for - we do not yet agree on.

But we all agree:  Education matters.

That's a good place to start.

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