Sunday, October 14, 2012

For Adult Ed Supporters: New Listserve

We have a new listserve for everyone who cares about Adult Education.

Yes, I know, we had a list serve.  But it was yahoogroups and it was not a good fit for our needs.  You had to have a yahoo email to join.

This is better.

And what is a listserve, you ask?  A good, bad or better one?

A list serve is a way for many people to communicate, as a group, through email.

If you send an email to the group on the listserve, everyone in the group gets the email.

So it's an easy way to share information quickly with many other people.

In this case, people - teachers, students, administrators, alumni, community members - who care about Adult Education.

Here is more info:

Adult Education Matters is dedicated to improving communication among
California adult schools, all those who support adult schools, and all
supporters of public education in order to fight more effectively against
devastating budget cuts and closures. Adult Education Matters supports all
public education and advocates full funding for public education at all
levels, including K-12, colleges and universities, ROP, and adult schools. We
welcome teachers, students, administrators, school staff, parents, children,
and anyone who wants to make California's schools a paragon of public

The list homepage:

General informations about mailing lists:
If you want to join the listserve, please visit the homepage and follow the instructions to join.

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