Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why Do We Need City College?

Reminder:  City College of San Francisco provides Adult Education classes to the people of San Francisco (and beyond).

Adult Education is provided under the shelter of either High School Districts or Community College Districts.

The San Mateo Adult School is under the shelter of the (very wonderful) San Mateo Union High School District.

Most Adult Education programs are set up this way, including the very, very big Adult Education program in Los Angeles, which was recently cut waaaaay back but thanks to the hard work of thousands of people, not slashed to the bone.

But in San Francisco, Adult Education is provided by the Community College District - and called non-credit.

CCSF (the Mother Ship) is under several guns.

Gun Number One:  Like all forms of public education in California - State Preschools, K-12, Adult Education, Community Colleges, State Universities, and the University of California - it faces big cuts if Proposition 30 doesn't pass.

Gun Number Two:  CCSF faces disaccreditation.

Gun Number Three: Because it provides Adult Education, and because with the relatively new "flexibility" policity, Adult Education is always the "expendable" chair leg, CCSF's non-credit classes (the Adult Education classes) are sitting ducks.

As has been said here before: 

These are difficult times. 

Choices must be made. 

What do we choose?

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