Monday, October 1, 2012

Props 30 and 38

This is do-or-die election where education is concerned.

On the ballot for Californians are Prop 30 and Prop 38.

Both attempt to deal with the crisis in funding for public education.

Here's the LA Times' editorial opinion on Prop 30 and 38.

And here's the San Francisco Chronicle's editorial opinion on Prop 30 and 38.

And here's the San Jose Mercury News' editorial opinion on Prop 30 and 38.

And here is the official Stop Prop 30 website for a view from other side.

Here are two takes on Prop 38 - once known as the Millionaire's Tax:

Here's California State PTA President Carol Kocivar's stance for Prop 38.

And here's State Senate President Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg's stance against Prop 38.

Here are two takes on Prop 30 -

Here's 2012 Teacher of the Year Tom Collet's stance for Prop 30.

And here's

And because money is involved, here's San Francisco Chronicle Money Columnist Kathleen Pender's breakdown on both Prop 30 and Prop 38.

One thing you should know, without some sort of influx of money, Adult Education is in real trouble.

All public education is in crisis but Adult Education is in the most vulnerable
And...  even if more funds are secured, Adult Education is still not secure because of flexibility.

Until Adult Education has a dedicated funding stream, it is vulnerable to cuts and closures.

But... one step at a time... first, we need secure funding for all public education...

and then we need to ensure that funding for Adult Education, specifically, is dedicated and secure.


Because Adult Education matters!

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